Sunday, March 30, 2014

13 mi. day hike in the tillamook burn with 30 stream crossings

 a rainy spring day hike from bell camp rd. to gales creek campground. you know youre in oregon when you cross 30 streams on a 13 mile day hike! oh, and dont mind the time stamps, somethings wrong with my camera.

 did i say tillamook burn?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

diy hammock

just a simple single layer 1.1 ripstop hammock. features adjustable strucural ridgeline, ridgeline organizer, and stuffsack. dimentions are 11'X65''and is only 8.3 oz!

a simple hammock sock made from 1.1 (30 denier) ripstop nylon, weights 15 oz. alone (stuffsack size shown with 12' 1.8 ripstop nylon hammock) it features a fronkey style drawcord channel made from 1'' grosgrain with some shockcord for stretch. for those that don't know a hammock sock is used for blocking wind, trapping a few degrees of warmth, and providing privacy. it was a few easy hours work and cost barely anything( i bought from for 66. a yard!) anyway, carry on!