Saturday, June 7, 2014

i hike the wilson river trail

night one: no miles, just camped at elk creek
new diy fancee feest stove
natural fountain
highest point on the trail, about 3000'
quilts in stuff sack
loose straps= no blisters
saywer mini filter
hammock and bug net packed in a double ended stuffsack
diy freezeer bag cozy made from silnylon and clamashield apex.
my ula circuit fully loaded
 night 2: 11 miles . my rig, diy 12' hammock kaq jarbidge uq, diy poncho liner topquilt and fronkey style bugnet.
best thing after a long day of hiking!
note highway
sea of stinging nettels.

almost fineshed! you can see the highway where the trees were cut down.
just down there is keening creek and the end.