Friday, May 6, 2016

The first 100 miles of my pct thru hike  included some of the most diverse and drastically different climates I've ever seen. Some of environments I've passed through were extremely challenging and I routinely carried water for many miles. Some of the elevation changes have been over 5000 ft, and I was definitely not used to the temperatures of the desert. One of the ways I tried to acclimate to the sun was to get up before sunrise, and hike until the sun became too hot to hike in. I would then nap and hydrate untill 2 or 3 and hike into the night. I usually try to do about 10 miles before 10 am to make sure I will budget enough time. I'm currently taking a rest day in the community of Warner springs, because of a thunderstorm in the area, but I'm hopeful to make it to the paradise cafe for my next resupply In the next few days.
Also the people I've been hiking with for most of this trip are taking a rest day and I'd rather not ride out the storm alone.
For now that's all, ill keep posting when I get to wifi.